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Rjukan Climbing Park

Opening hours:
Closed during winter, opens in june.

For more information check out their website 

Welcome to a unique and historic climb

Rjukan Climbing Park is the world's first themed climbing park – with a unique location and panoramic views towards the majestic Gaustatoppen. Definitely Norway's coolest climbing park view!

Rjukan Climbing Park naturally offers climbing trails of varying difficulty levels. The toughest trail takes you on a historical journey through the legendary Vemork action.

You'll climb up to the airplane, find the cabin, descend into the gorge, cross the river, climb up the gorge, enter the factory, and detonate the heavy water in a spectacular obstacle. If you master this, you'll escape – all the way with a zipline to "England". All of this up in the trees.

There are fantastic trails also for the little ones. Rjukan Climbing Park is for both young and old. It's about mastering, joy, excitement, and social interaction – regardless of experience.

For opening hours and other practical information, visit Rjukan Climbing Park's own website.


Reserve climbing harness

We recommend that you reserve harnesses before you arrive. Children under 15 years old travel for free on the Krossobanen when pre-booking in the climbing park.

(2 children per adult - applies to families)


Rjukan Klatrepark 2020 _Farge 1.png
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