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About Krossobanen

The oldest cable car in the Nordic region


The Krossobanen is the oldest and most original two-cable car in the Nordic region still in regular operation. The system consists of a blue (Blueberry) and a red (Cranberry) cable car, alternating their trips up and down. You can find it 1 km west of the center of Rjukan.

At the lower station (Krosso), there is a large, free parking lot. From here, passengers are transported to 886 meters above sea level (Gvepseborg) in just five minutes.


On January 21, 1928, over 600 people gathered at what would forever be known as the Lower Station. It was the birth of the Krossobanen, consisting of two cars and two stations connected by thick cables. One car per cable. One rescue car per car.


The cars met in the middle, and passengers felt butterflies in their stomachs as the car passed the mast just before reaching the top. And so it remains to this day!



 Krossobanen is the gateway to Hardangervidda, just a couple of swift hours from Oslo.

The view resembles T.H. Kittelsen's "Soria Moria", and the Sherpas from Nepal have crafted the steps on the Sun Path that easily take you all the way up to 1100 meters above sea level.

Here, you'll find trails and mountain vegetation, cycling paths leading into the landscape, peace, and tranquility. Many choose to start their mountain hikes from here.

The sun mirror

Take Krossobanen up to Gvepseborg; from here, you can walk to the world-famous Sun Mirror.

The hike is 2.8 km long and takes about 1 hour each way.

Would you like to read the history of the Sun Mirror?


Foto: Trond Stegarud​

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