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Biking on Hardangervidda

Welcome to a high mountain biking experience at Norway's largest national park.

Rjukan's answer to Rallarvegen is the bike tour on Hardangervidda, from Gvepseborg to Kalhovd or Mårbu Tourist Cabin.

The road has recently been named "Kraftvegen" (Power Road), as it was built for the hydropower development on Hardangervidda. The road is still in use for the operation and maintenance of the dam facilities.

And the trip has a unique and comfortable start with Krossobanen, which transports you up the first 450 meters in altitude.

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Practical information when bringing your bike on Krossobanen:

  • Place the bikes at the designated area outside the entrance.

  • Purchase tickets and queue (if there are multiple people, it's enough for one person to queue).

  • Inform the conductor that you have a bike, and if there are others with you.

  • Remove bike bags before boarding the cable car.

  • You must carry your bike into the carriage yourself.

  • If you have an e-bike, the battery must be removed from the bike.

  • The conductor organizes how many bikes can be taken on each trip.

  • The carriage door is approximately 66 cm wide. You may often need to remove bike wheels or fold them to fit them into the carriage.


More about the trip: Kraftvegen can be cycled back and forth or as a round trip down to Atrå by Tinnsjøen and back to Rjukan.


Gvepseborg - Kalhovd: 30 km

Kalhovd - Synken (boat to Mårbu): 8 km

Kalhovd - Atrå: 30 km Atrå - Rjukan: 25 km

The road has a gravel surface and is hilly. The elevation difference is 217 meters (from 883 to 1100 meters above sea level).


Read more about the bike tour on visitRjukan's website. Here you can also find information about bike packages with food and accommodation that you can purchase.

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