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886 meters above sea level

From the observation platform at the top of the station building, you can see the entire Vestfjord Valley - Rjukan to the east, and looking west, you can see across Skarfoss towards Lake Møsvatn. Directly opposite, the majestic Gaustatoppen rises with its 1883 meters from a slightly different angle. You get a great overview of the Gausdal Valley and the Selstali mountain farm with its many fishing lakes. You should also visit the art exhibition located in the station building.


At the top

Gvepseborg is the upper station of the Krossobanen, 886 meters above sea level. From here, you can see large parts of the mountainous landscape surrounding Rjukan.


Rjukan Climbing Park

Welcome to Rjukan Climbing Park – the world's first themed climbing park – with a unique location and panoramic views of the majestic Gaustatoppen. Definitely Norway's coolest climbing park view!


The Sun Path 

The shortest route from Rjukan to Hardangervidda

4.3 km easy, family-friendly round trip.

Easy, family-friendly round trip with views of Rjukan, Gaustatoppen, and Hardangervidda. You take the Krossobanen from the valley in Rjukan up to Gvepseborg at 886 meters above sea level, where the hike starts.

From here, you walk along gravel roads and stone steps to the viewpoint at a cannon position from World War II. Sherpas from Nepal built the beautiful stone steps in the summer of 2010.

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Ryes vei

Ryes vei is 4 km long and is a trail that passes under Krossobanen.

The road has 21 turns and a total elevation gain of 500 meters. At the top, there is a café and viewpoint with a great view over Rjukan. A good alternative may be to take Krossobanen up and walk back down.

Ryes vei is the road the Norwegian resistance fighters took the night they blew up the heavy water plant at Vemork, and is therefore also known as "The Retreat." The retreat went up Ryes vei and into Hardangervidda, before many fled to Sweden.

At the upper station, a memorial has been erected to commemorate the escape route of the saboteurs.

Road to Gvepseborg

There is a road all the way to Gvepseborg, but it will involve a detour through Tinn municipality first. From Rjukan: Drive east along Lake Tinn to Atrå, choose the road up to Kalhovd in the mountains. Here you cross Kalhovddammen and continue along Kilsfjorden and Gjøyst, until you reach the upper station of the Krossobanen. This stretch is about 85 km long and is well signposted.

But remember: you have to drive back the same way, and the roads are narrow.

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